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The size is supposedly irrelevant. That is what the vast majority of women say at least. However, for every man it is important that his penis is always fit and ready for every challenge, and at the same time it is as impressive as possible. Since antiquity, techniques and agents influencing the size, circumference and blood circulation of a male member have been known. These techniques and secret recipes were passed on in a great mystery, because possessing this elite knowledge gave great opportunities to influence women and thus to build their position in society.

Today, this topic is still relevant. Not only men who are scarcely endowed by nature do not feel so comfortable with a woman sexually, as if they could feel as if they were proud of the greatness of their birth. As a result, more and more specifics appear on the market, which are supposed to ensure an above-average size, in order to satisfy the most sophisticated female expectations. One such special-purpose means is Xtrasize, the opinions on which this article presents.

Xtrasize is a dietary supplement, the regular use of which, as the manufacturer assures, is supposed to cause the penis to grow by up to 7.5cm. The measure is intended for all men, who for some individual reasons or needs want their member to become longer and thicker.

The composition of the specific product is based exclusively on natural products of plant origin. The three most important ingredients are Tribulus Tererstris, Maca and Saw Palmetto. The first one is considered a very strong aphrodisiac, whose use effectively significantly increases the amount of testosterone produced by the body. In addition, Tribulus Tererstris has a real influence on the release of nitric oxide from nerve endings located near the corpuscular cavernosa, from which the male member is made, thus significantly enhancing erection.

The second syntax - Maca - is a fully natural drug that contributes to maintaining balance in the human body, because it properly regulates the level of enzymes and hormones, which also translates into sexual efficiency, i. e. greater sex drive and longer and stronger erections. The third most important product, Saw Palmetto, is a plant commonly known for its high libido stimulation effect on men, increasing their sexual energy levels and is also used in prostate hypertrophy ailments.

The addition of the composition of the product is added to l-arginine, which has an effect on nitric oxide synthesis, thus improving the functioning of the cardiovascular system and regulating the release of hormones in this growth hormone. In addition, Xtrasize also includes Pumpkin Seed, Panax Ginseng, Sarsaparallia, Stinging Nettle and Licorice Root. All of these ingredients are completely natural.

This composition is intended to increase the sexual opportunities and size of the penis, which is ensured by Xtrasize, but the test of this declaration is necessary for the individual concerned, as each body is different and common sense suggests that any biased advertising content should be carefully approached. Nevertheless, there is no shortage of opinions on the use of this dietary supplement, which confirm its effectiveness.

Returning to Xtrasize, it is supposed to provide men with better blood circulation in the body and especially better flow in the cavernous bodies from which the penis is made, as well as increase their absorption capacity. This allows the cells to start to swell, increasing their volume. Therefore, the length and thickness of the penis is markedly increased, and the erection itself is strengthened.

The manufacturer recommends that you take one tablet every day after the first breakfast for at least 2 months (one pack is sufficient, because there are 60 tablets). Such treatment is to result in an increase in the penis by 2 cm. Moreover, this treatment does not entail any undesirable adverse side effects, which ensures that the above fully natural composition of the peculiarity is present.

According to the recommendations of Xtrasize dietary supplement manufacturer, it has a clearly positive effect on the quality of male sexual life by improving the quality and duration of erectile dressing and increasing the size of the penis, which should be understood as elongation and thickening it. Regular use of Xtrasize every day for two months is expected to result in an extension of 2 centimetres. The composition of the peculiarity is based exclusively on natural ingredients of plant origin, therefore negative experiences should not occur in the application of Xtrasize. It is recommended to follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer.

To ensure that Xtrasize is an original product of proven composition and proven influence on the functioning of the human body, it is necessary to be supplied exclusively with the agent


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